Appointments to the Board

The governance structure for the Corporation (Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.) and its three primary subsidiaries (Hydro Ottawa Limited, Energy Ottawa Inc., and Envari Holding Inc.) includes two boards of directors – the Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. Board and the Hydro Ottawa Limited (HOL) Board.

In accordance with the terms of the Shareholder Declaration, the City of Ottawa appoints all Directors to the two Boards except the President and Chief Executive Officer and the one member of management of Hydro Ottawa Limited on the HOL Board. In doing so, the City considers candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee of the Board of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., but is not obliged to select these candidates. The Nominating Committee is assisted by outside consultants in its search for candidates for appointment to the Boards.


The Nominating Committee of the Board of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. is currently seeking an External* Board member for the Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. Board of Directors.

Term and Location

Board Members will serve for a term of up to three years, with eligibility for reappointment for a second consecutive term of up to three years. These roles are part-time and based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Time Commitment

Meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees are typically held on a quarterly basis and scheduled a year in advance.  Board members can expect to participate in an average of 15 Board and committee meetings per year, and must make reasonable efforts to attend the entire period of the two to three-hour meetings on a face-to-face basis.  In keeping with Hydro Ottawa’s commitment to good governance, Board member attendance at meetings of the Boards of Directors and their committees is included in the Annual Report of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. that is presented to the Shareholder at the time of the Annual General Meeting, and posted to the City of Ottawa’s and Hydro Ottawa’s websites.

Skills and Experience

As set out in the Shareholder Declaration, all candidates for appointment to the Board must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Demonstrated integrity and high ethical standards; 
  • Relevant career experience and expertise; and 
  • An understanding of the role of Hydro Ottawa both as a service to local ratepayers and an asset of taxpayers.

In addition, the nomination and selection process is designed to maintain a Board that includes the following overarching competencies among one or more directors: 

  • Strong business background, including competitive business experience and strategic planning;
  • A strong financial background including financial accreditation and public or private market financing experience;
  • Industry sector experience in the areas of business of the subsidiary companies;
  • Engineering expertise; 
  • Board experience; and 
  • Merger and acquisition experience.

Critical recruiting priorities for the HOHI Board at this time are:

  • sound experience, knowledge and expertise in the energy industry and areas of business management, cybersecurity, environmental sustainability, human resources, government relations, mergers and acquisitions, and C suite positions. 
  • Hydro Ottawa is committed to establishing a Board that reflects the diverse population Hydro Ottawa serves, and we encourage applications from all qualified candidates

Application Process

Applications must outline how the prospective director’s qualifications, skills and background are relevant to the general and priority competencies above.  They may include a statement of experience and/or a resume. 

Interested applicants are requested to reply by end of business day on Monday, May 29, 2023 with full details, including your e-mail address, to: 

The Institute on Governance, Ref. HO2023
 [email protected]

We thank all applicants for their interest.  Only those selected for consideration by the Nominating Committee will be contacted.


*(a) an individual who is not the Mayor (or his/her designee), a councillor or employee of the City of Ottawa, or (b) an individual who is not an officer or employee of Hydro Ottawa or any Affiliate.

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