Scheduled planned power interruptions

We recognise that power interruptions can be an inconvenience to you and your family, or your business.

To protect the safety of our crews and customers when working on a project, it may be necessary to temporarily turn off the power for repairs or upgrades.

Planned power interruptions are planned, reviewed and scheduled carefully within Hydro Ottawa to ensure that any inconvenience is minimal and enables the work to be completed as quickly and as safely as possible. These planned interruptions are integral to ensuring Hydro Ottawa continues to provide safe and reliable service.

Search below to see if a power interruption has been scheduled in your area.

Planned work and planned power interruptions

Ward Sort descending Start DateFinish DateDetailsAffected Streets

Pole Replacement Project

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  • Chasseur Avenue
  • Clementine Boulevard
  • Brookfield Road East
  • Carlsen Avenue
  • Clover Street
  • Falcon Avenue
  • Gregg Street
  • Junction Avenue
  • Kaladar Avenue

Pole Replacement Project

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  • Beckwith Road
  • Brantwood Drive
  • Centennial Boulevard
  • Onslow Crescent
  • Elliot Avenue
  • Glengarry Road

Pole Replacement Project

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  • Third Avenue
  • Bank Street
  • Patterson Avenue
  • Strathcona Avenue

Pole Replacement Project

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  • Thunder Road

Cable Renewal Project

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  • Cahill Drive
  • Uplands Drive

Duct Bank Installation

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  • Berkley Avenue
  • Dominion Avenue
  • Richmond Road
  • Tay Street

Maintenance Hole Upgrades

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  • Sussex Drive

Maintenance Hole Upgrades

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  • Kent Street
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