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Introducing EV Everywhere

EV Everywhere is a groundbreaking pilot led by BluWave-ai in collaboration with Hydro Ottawa, and is backed by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). 

By harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology and real-time data, EV Everywhere seeks to revolutionize the EV charging experience. By analyzing individual charging patterns, EV Everywhere works in the background to predict and optimize charging habits. When necessary, it can make slight adjustments or shift EV charging to more grid-friendly times of the day, such as when electricity prices are lower or when more renewable energy sources are in use. The aim is to foster a more affordable, reliable, and cleaner electricity system.

Current Progress - Beta Testing 

As we navigate through the beta-testing phase with a small group of participants, we anticipate that the EV Everywhere pilot will soon be available to Hydro Ottawa residential customers with eligible vehicles. In the coming months, we'll be seeking at least 100 Hydro Ottawa residential customers with electric vehicles to actively participate and use this cutting-edge technology.

Eligible Electric Vehicles:

Check out the list of electric vehicles currently eligible for participation in EV Everywhere. If your vehicle isn't on the list, stay tuned for updates, as we work with our partners to continuously expand EV eligibility*.

  • Ford 2017+
  • Hyundai 2018+
  • Jaguar 2016+
  • Land Rover 2016+
  • Tesla 2012+
  • Toyota 2020+

*compatibility may vary by model and trim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electric vehicle adoption is on the rise. In Ontario, it’s projected that the electricity demand from electric vehicles will surge by as much as 20 per cent each year. This presents a challenge to not only supply enough electricity to meet this increasing demand, but to do so in a way that doesn’t increase carbon emissions or incur major costs for system upgrades. One of the best ways to avoid additional investments to the grid and reduce the need for fossil fuels is to distribute electricity usage more evenly throughout the day to avoid high demand or “peak” times.

The EV Everywhere pilot aims to do just that. By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and real-time data, we look to gain insight on electric vehicle charging behaviour and, at times, shift charging to more grid-friendly times of the day. 

The EV Everywhere pilot is led by BluWave-ai and offered through Hydro Ottawa to eligible customers with electric vehicles. The pilot has provincial support and is being funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) through the Grid Innovation Fund and is supported by the Ontario Energy Board.

To join EV Everywhere, you must be a Hydro Ottawa residential customer with an eligible electric vehicle that you can charge at home. You must also have a reliable high speed internet connection and a smartphone in order to install the EV Everywhere mobile app.

See the table above to confirm that your vehicle is eligible.

Yes, absolutely! Compensation will be provided for those actively participating in the pilot. Stay tuned for further details by signing up for program updates.

If you’d like more information on this pilot, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected], or sign up for program updates to stay ahead of the latest developments.

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