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Climate change will continue to present extreme weather events in our city and increase stress on our critical infrastructure systems. Now more than ever we are encouraging customers to be prepared in the case of emergencies.

Most power outages will be over almost as soon as they begin, but some can last much longer. In the National Capital Region, outages are often caused by factors beyond Hydro Ottawa’s control (adverse weather, motor vehicle accidents, animal contact, etc.) and can happen at any time. Taking the time to prepare in advance can greatly lessen the impact an outage may have on you.

Equipment Safety

You may have different challenges or needs, depending on where you happen to live or work. We’ve got you covered.

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What you need to know

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Don’t be shocked: People should stay clear of power lines

Sure, when power’s out, you want it back – and may even want to help – but it’s not worth risking a life. When you see a broken or downed power line, call 911 and then call Hydro Ottawa at 613-738-0188.

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Pump up your sump pump and generator IQ

A good sump pump is a must for most homeowners, especially those in flood-prone neighbourhoods. Generators that provide off-grid power in the event of outages, are also incredibly valuable.

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Are you prepared for extended power outages?

On most days we are fortunate to live and work in powered communities; homes and businesses that are lit, warm and allow us to connect

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Still without power? Why your neighbours may have power but you don’t

When your power goes out, Hydro Ottawa crews are ready to help. However, homeowners also have responsibility in responding to and preparing for emergencies.

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Power’s out? Here’s how we help

When power goes out, we know you want it restored quickly. As Hydro Ottawa gathers information and deploys crews, you also have an important role to play in helping power return to your home or business.

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