EV Everywhere

EV Everywhere

A pilot program powered by BluWave-ai that aims to revolutionize EV charging.

Shape the future of EV charging and intelligent grid management. Plus, get on-bill credits for participating.

Download the BluWave-ai mobile app and enroll your EV today.

* Select EVs are eligible at this time. Please verify eligibility.

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Introducing EV Everywhere

EV Everywhere is a groundbreaking pilot led by BluWave-ai in collaboration with Hydro Ottawa, and is backed by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

By harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology and real-time data, EV Everywhere seeks to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience. With BluWave-ai’s mobile app, you’ll gain insight into your charging habits and have direct control over your charging sessions, allowing you to pause and resume charging whenever you like.

The app can recommend ideal charging times based on when there's more renewable energy available or when there's less demand for electricity overall. To help manage electricity use, the pilot program will also issue 'GridSmart' events. These events use smart technology to predict high electricity demand times and can automatically pause EV charging for short periods to help. Rest assured, you'll always be notified in advance of any GridSmart event and can choose to opt-out at any time.

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Benefits of EV Everywhere

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Take control of your EV charging by understanding your charging behaviour

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Shift charging from high electricity demand times to more grid-friendly times

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Receive on-bill credits each month for actively participating

How to participate

Participation is easy. You’re eligible to apply if:

  • You’re a Hydro Ottawa residential customer
  • You have a reliable high-speed internet connection
  • You have a smartphone to download and use the BluWave-ai mobile app
  • You own or lease one of the following eligible EVs that can be charged at home

Eligible EVs

Tesla vehicles are currently eligible for participation.

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Compatibility may vary by model and trim.

More EVs coming soon

We’re currently working on expanding the list of EV Everywhere eligible vehicles. The following EVs may soon be eligible:

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Hyundai 2018+

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Mini 2018+

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BMW 2014+

Ford logo

Ford 2017+

Toyota logo

Toyota 2020+

Sign up to be notified when your vehicle becomes eligible.

How it works


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Download the BluWave-ai mobile app on your Android or iOS device. Follow the in-app instructions to link your EV and register for EV Everywhere using your 10-digit Hydro Ottawa account number.

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Gain insight into the best grid-friendly times to charge and easily manage charging with features like departure planning that allow you to customize daily charging sessions.

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Participate in occasional GridSmart events that temporarily pause your EV charging to help reduce electricity demand.

Learn more about GridSmart events:

A GridSmart event is designed to shift your EV charging to a more grid-friendly time of the day, like when the grid is less congested or more renewable energy sources are being used.

You’ll automatically be enrolled if your EV is plugged in and charging at home. Rest assured, we'll always notify you in advance and you can opt out any time. Plus, you'll only be enrolled if your charge level is at least 30 per cent.

Join us in shaping a cleaner future!

As a thank you for your involvement, you’ll receive a $50 welcome bonus and an additional $15 for every month that you participate in at least one GridSmart event. This will come as an on-bill credit.

The welcome bonus is limited to the first 100 eligible participants.

Download the BluWave-ai mobile app today and get started with EV Everywhere!

We want your feedback

Ensuring an excellent customer experience remains our top priority. As a pilot program, our aim is to work together to help inform the most effective ways to manage EV charging and to best serve our customers. We may reach out to you to learn more about your experience and gather feedback. Please also reach out to us — we want to hear from you.

phone icon1-613-738-5474email icon[email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is on the rise, presenting both challenges and opportunities to efficiently manage the increased electricity demand to customers’ homes for charging EVs.

EV Everywhere is an innovative pilot that aims to explore strategies for effectively managing EV charging. By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and analyzing real-time data, we look to gain insight into EV charging behaviour and, at times, shift charging from high demand periods to more grid-friendly times and to take advantage of renewable energy on the grid.

The EV Everywhere pilot is led by BluWave-ai and offered through Hydro Ottawa to customers with eligible EVs. The pilot is being funded in part by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) through the Grid Innovation Fund and is supported by the Ontario Energy Board.

To join, you must be a Hydro Ottawa residential customer who owns or leases an eligible EV with the ability to charge at home. Additionally, you’ll need a reliable high-speed internet connection that your vehicle can connect to and a smartphone to install the BluWave-ai mobile app for iOS or Android. If you are not a Hydro Ottawa customer, you can still download the mobile app and use its features as an EV owner.

Not at all. All communication is done directly with your EV. As long as you have an eligible EV that can connect to your home’s high-speed network, how you charge doesn’t matter.

Periodically, Hydro Ottawa will create GridSmart events where participating EVs will be enrolled, provided the EV is at home and plugged in for charging. These events will temporarily pause your vehicle's charging to help manage demand on the grid. Initially, events will be shorter, but as the pilot progresses and we explore different scenarios, they could last anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours, though your EV charging may not be paused for the entire time of the event. Finally, it’s important to know your vehicle will only be enrolled in a GridSmart event if its current charge is at least 30 per cent.

To participate, download the free BluWave-ai mobile app for iOS or Android, which puts you in control. Through the mobile app, you’ll receive advance notifications of any upcoming GridSmart event. The notice duration is something we intend to test, and would greatly appreciate your feedback on. You can choose to opt out of events at any time through the mobile app. Unplugging your EV during an event (if you are going to use it) is also considered opting out.

No problem. You can always opt out of the event during (or before) through the BluWave-ai mobile app.

EVs have been designed with this technology in mind. Using the vehicle's telematics system (the EV's computer and wireless communication system), your vehicle will receive a signal to temporarily pause and resume its charging. When you sign up for EV Everywhere, you'll provide the necessary information and permissions, enabling these communications. Rest assured, you remain in full control and can opt out of an event at any time by using the BluWave-ai mobile app.

Yes, you’ll only be enrolled in a GridSmart event if your vehicle is plugged in at your home address and with a charge level of at least 30 per cent. You’ll never be enrolled in an event when charging away from home, like when shopping, at work, with relatives, or at any public charging station.

No. All activity is software based and completed remotely.

That’s entirely up to you. You can opt out of any event at any time through the mobile app. You’ll receive a $15 on-bill credit for each month that you participate in at least one complete GridSmart event.

The frequency will depend on the pilot phase and time of year, starting with regular events for learning and testing. As the pilot progresses, event frequency may change. We’ll be testing the platform year-round, across all seasons during the pilot.

Possibly. EV charging may have an impact on major restoration efforts and we intend to learn if shifts in EV charging can help us to restore power faster, in a safe way. Notifications will always be issued in advance, and you can opt out of an event at any time through the BluWave-ai mobile app.

Yes, you can enroll more than one EV in the program. Each EV will need its own BluWave-ai account with a separate email address and smartphone. One set of reward credits will be awarded per household each month to promote widespread participation.

Absolutely. If you’re a Hydro Ottawa residential customer who pays your own bill and has an eligible vehicle that you can charge at home, you’re eligible to participate.

You can expect that we’ll be testing and learning until the spring of 2025. We hope you’ll participate through to the end, but we understand if things change. You can end your involvement at any time through the app or by contacting our EV Everywhere Team at [email protected].

No problem. You can easily update your vehicle information and address within the BluWave-ai mobile app. As long as your new vehicle is eligible, and you remain a Hydro Ottawa residential customer, you can continue to participate.

Not at all. EVs around the world are already participating in programs like this every day.

We’re currently working on expanding the list of EV Everywhere eligible vehicles. Unfortunately, not all EVs are eligible to participate due to manufacturer restrictions or a lack of necessary functionality. If you’d like to be notified when your vehicle becomes available, please sign up for updates.

Yes, you can view the full terms and conditions here.

For general questions about the program and eligibility, you can reach out to our Hydro Ottawa EV Everywhere Team by email at [email protected] or by phone at 613-738-5474.

If you are having technical issues or require technical support/troubleshooting help, you can reach out directly to the BluWave-ai team by email at [email protected].

Read all about it

Hydro Ottawa is the first utility in Ontario, and one of the first utilities in North America, to introduce AI technology to manage EV charging. Read more about this exciting initiative.

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