After 137,000 customers restored, focus is on 43,000 still out - 2:30 PM UPDATE

May 26, 2022

OTTAWA – Today, an aggressive, coordinated effort is underway from Hydro Ottawa, its contractors and multiple utility partners to get power restored to the majority of the remaining 43,000 customers without power in the city of Ottawa.  

Crews and resources are being dispersed to every corner of the city. The utility promises that restoration efforts will continue 24/7 until all residents are reconnected. Since yesterday, there has been a focus on the following areas: 

  • Alta Vista
  • BelAir Heights
  • Colonnade Road (at Prince of Wales)
  • Elmvale Acres
  • Greenbank Road
  • Merivale Road
  • Overbrook area
  • Pineglen
  • Village of Richmond
  • Woodroffe Avenue

Hydro Ottawa reminds customers that even though they may not see a hydro truck or crew in their neighbourhood, it doesn’t mean that work isn’t being done. Ottawa’s electricity system is highly sophisticated with automation and technology allowing remote access to our system through our Control Centre; enabling power to be moved from one part of the city to another without needing to be on site.  

While the bulk of the system is expected to be back up by the weekend, weather and other elements like trees and debris may cause some customers to remain without power for longer. The utility assures customers that they are on top of these situations. 

There are likely a significant number of homes that will require additional support to get reconnected due to damage to their properties. Electrical damage needs to be repaired before power can be reconnected. If a customer has sustained damage to their home’s electrical system from the storm, customers are advised to stay away and contact Hydro Ottawa at 613 738-6418 or visit our website

Hydro Ottawa will continue to keep customers and the public advised of the evolving situation via the news media and on our social channels. 

Safety tips

  • Hydro Ottawa asks the public to respect work site perimetres by keeping a safe distance from crews and as they work on energizing the power grid. 
  • If customers notice downed power lines, stay at least 10 metres away (the length of a school bus) from the wires and from any objects that are in contact with the lines such as trees. If there is a downed power line, please call us at 613 738-0188.
  • Hydro Ottawa is working with the City of Ottawa to ensure that those affected by extended power outages get the help they need. The City has opened several emergency reception centres. Visit the City of Ottawa’s Emergency Preparedness page for an expanded list.  
  • As a reminder, if customers were cooking when the power went out, turn off the stove, oven or other cooking appliances. 
  • As power is being restored, Hydro Ottawa reminds residents to conserve their use of energy and avoid turning on all electronics and appliances to avoid impacting the electricity supply.
  • Turn off all lights, unplug appliances and electronics, and turn down heating system thermostats. This will help avoid a power surge when electricity is restored.
  • Please reserve the use of 911 to situations where there is a risk to public safety, and life-threatening emergencies. 

Hydro Ottawa will continue to keep customers and the public advised of the situation via the news media, our website and on our social channels. 

Media Contact

Josée Larocque
Manager, Media and Public Affairs
Hydro Ottawa
[email protected]


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