Hydro Ottawa and FLO to pilot residential charging stations in Ottawa

April 23, 2018

Dans le cadre de la Conférence et du Salon commercial EV/VÉ, qui se tenait aujourd’hui à Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa a annoncé l’établissement d’un partenariat avec FLO, principal fournisseur de réseau de recharge de véhicules électriques (VÉ) au Canada. Il s’agit de mettre à l’essai 100 bornes de recharge de niveau 2 chez des clients résidentiels d’Ottawa.

The pilot project will be rolled out in the coming months, and is intended to help the utility understand residential EV demands on the electricity grid. Residential customers interested in participating in the pilot, can visit hydroottawa.com/ev to register. 

Quick Facts

  • Hydro Ottawa will recruit pilot participants, market the pilot project and manage the installation of all charging stations for eligible participants.
  • FLO will make available up to one hundred FLO Home X5 charging stations throughout the term of the pilot and provide software services; including real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis of infrastructure impacts, as well as conducting demand response events and determining integration with renewable resources. 
  • Hydro Ottawa is currently working with the City of Ottawa to develop a network of charging stations to support electric vehicle adoption in the city in support of its pursuit of sustainable transportation.
  • Since 2012, Hydro Ottawa has been a member of Electric Mobility Canada and has participated in studying the EV landscape to learn more and to plan for the future.
  • Hydro Ottawa has installed EV chargers at its busiest facilities for employees, at City Hall, the Rideau Centre and Brookstreet Hotel to name a few.


”As Ottawa’s local electricity provider we are in a unique position to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Ottawa. This pilot project with FLO will allow us to learn the impacts of EVs and charging stations on our electricity grid; helping us pave the way to better support electric vehicles in Ottawa.”

- Bryce Conrad, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Ottawa   

“Accommodating the growing demand for electric vehicle charging represents an opportunity for utilities as the majority of EV charging happens at home. The connectivity of our products allows utilities to future-proof their assets and reduce pressure on the grid. We’re proud to support Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan through this initiative, and greatly look forward to working with other North American utilities to deploy similar solutions.

- Louis Tremblay, Chief Executive Officer and President, FLO

Media Contacts

Daniel Séguin
Manager, Media and Public Affairs
Hydro Ottawa
Tel: 613-738-5499 ext. 2345
[email protected]

Simon Granger
Head of Content and Communications
Tel: 514-220-0108
[email protected]

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