Shaping the future of the electricity grid through micro-generation

May 14, 2019

Today, the Canadian Electricity Association recognized Hydro Ottawa Ltd.'s MiGen Transactive Grid at its Centre of Excellence on The Hill conference. Originally launched in 2017 as The GREAT-DR, the trial project has received additional funding and partnerships and has been relaunched under the MiGen brand.

MiGen enables consumers and businesses to help shape the future of the electricity grid by establishing microgrids which allow customers to generate their own power. Solar panels and a state-of-the-art battery storage system are installed and a smart inverter converts the sun's solar energy into usable electricity. Unused electricity can be stored and help protect against outages or it can be shared with connected neighbours or sent back to the grid.  

MiGen leverages solar power to generate clean, renewable electricity, helping to reduce the users carbon footprint. For more information about MiGen, visit

Quick Facts

  • Microgrids help to avoid power outages. When the main grid goes out, power can continue to be provided to homes and businesses through solar generation and battery storage.
  • Switching to solar or battery storage – especially during peak periods when fossil fuel generation and traditional electricity costs are highest – is cleaner and more cost effective
  • By sharing unused electricity within the community of microgrids, or by sending it back to the grid, the amount of energy wasted in moving electricity over long distances is reduced.
  • Trial projects like these help to shape the future of the power grid and the foster additional innovation for our energy future.


"MiGen is the next evolution of the electricity grid. By putting the power to generate electricity into the hands of our customers, we're empowering them to help shape the future of the grid and work together with their utility to make it more resilient and cost effective." 

- Bryce Conrad, President and Chief Executive Officer

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