Distribution System Design

Hydro Ottawa’s Distribution System Design team offers its expertise in design, costing, financial administration, and project management to builders and contractors undertaking new construction, retrofit or upgrade projects.

We provide these services in a timely and cost-efficient way, ensuring that each project adheres to Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulations, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, and to Hydro Ottawa’s internal standards and Conditions of Service.

The following outlines Hydro Ottawa’s services for Commercial, Overhead and Underground, and Residential projects, together with contact information for Hydro Ottawa representatives who can provide further guidance.

Customer Layouts

Customer Layouts detail the design and cost of the required electrical work for a customer’s service entrance.

  • Commercial and residential infill projects with an annual electricity demand less than or equal to 50kW
  • Electrical disconnects and reconnects
  • Removal of electrical service
  • FIT and microFIT projects
  • Minor overhead or underground plant reconfigurations and extensions
  • Support for hydro poles during excavation projects
  • Field review of third-party attachments to hydro poles
  • Review and resolution of line clearance issues

Please complete an electrical service request.

Contact: Andy Welmers

Supervisor, Distribution Design Service Layout
Phone: 613-738-5499 | ext. 7354 Cell: 613-809-8118
[email protected]


New commercial services and upgrades for projects with an annual electricity demand over 50kW.

  • Commercial primary pad-mounted transformers and vault services
  • Transformer vault rehabs
  • Metering for new and retrofit projects, both unit metering and glass metering
  • Design services related to complex campuses and high-voltage loops

Contact: Ken Preston

Supervisor, Distribution Commercial Design
Phone: 613-738-5499 | ext 7836, Cell: 613-880-2284
[email protected]

Overhead and Underground

New construction, rehabilitation and relocation of OH and UG Trunk infrastructure.

  • Third-party underground civil and cable relocations
  • Underground sustainment projects, including support for new and rebuilt substations
  • Heavy civil infrastructure
  • Manhole rebuilds
  • Third-party overhead line relocations
  • Overhead sustainment projects, including fiber installations
  • Cable replacements

Contact: Emmanuel Coffie

Supervisor, Distribution Design Overhead & Underground
Phone: 613-738-5499 | ext. 7225 Cell: 613-913-4021
[email protected]


Residential servicing of projects of five or more units/homes with a required amperage of 100, 200, 400 and 600 amps at 120/240V.

  • Servicing of residential underground subdivisions
  • Servicing of private residential sites

Contact: Sean Jordan

Acting Supervisor, Distribution Residential Design
Phone: 613-738-5499 | ext. 7194 Cell: 613-229-3070
[email protected]

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