Severance, Variance, and Permits

Where Hydro Ottawa electrical distribution infrastructure exists or electrical servicing is needed, consult with Hydro Ottawa before seeking City of Ottawa approvals.

Land Severance

A grant for land severance does not assure the properties can be electrically serviced. Thus, before requesting a land severance from the City, consult with Hydro Ottawa to ensure the land parcels can be serviced.

The Service Desk is reachable during business hours at 613 738-6418 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Minor Variance

Any proposed reduction to the three-meter minimum standard setback must be reviewed with Hydro Ottawa prior to designing the electrical servicing as it may affect the electrical servicing design, timeline for installation, and cost.

Building Permits / Renovations

Your obligation to meet the terms and conditions of Hydro Ottawa's Conditions of Service as well as all applicable standards and laws, including clearances from high voltage distribution infrastructure, is not waived with the issuance of a building permit. Any proposed building modification shall ensure unhindered accessibility by Hydro Ottawa to the electricity meter or other electrical distribution infrastructure assets.

Consult Hydro Ottawa if encroachment into restricted zones is anticipated.

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